CTX Care Pods

The revolution in water care.

Monodoses in water soluble film.

Multifunction product that prevents three common problems:


- Water turbidity.

- Development of algae.

- Foam formation.


The most convenient form.

Its advantages are endless because in addition to having immediate effect, its format in water soluble film dissoves within minutes and its long-term effectiveness allows you to forget the maintenance for a longer time.

Its effectiveness is not altered by the possible water temperature increase or pH changes.

CTX Care Pods


CTX-39 Pool Gel - Flocculant Gel (monodoses)

Crystalline and pure water in the simplest way.

Without manipulation or complicated dosing systems.

It has never been so easy to enjoy the sparkle of the water.


Quick-acting compound with a high bactericidal, algaecide and fungicide power, to prevent the formation and development of algae in the pool water.  


Winter Care:

Special concentrated Winter product for Liner or Polyester pools that will allow you to keep the water in perfect conditions during the wintering period preventing the formation of algae and bacteria. Save water conserving it all winter.


Winter CareAlgaStop

CTX Phosfree

Instantly removes Algae's food.


Concentrated product that prevents the formation of algae-derived from chemicals, garden fertilizers and other contaminants.


Eliminates phosphates that serve as food for algae, inhibiting their growth. Prevention is the best solution.


CTX Natural Clarifier

Clean and clear water in a natural way.


Clarifier concentrate natural origin made Chitosan (crostaceos shells), which provides a more effective weekly pool treatment to prevent the formation of foam or turbidity. Remove traces of creams and body oils as well as the excess of metal.

CTX PhosFree

CTX - Natural Clarifier





PROBLEM: Turbid water

CAUSE: Poor filtration, high pH, too much organic waste, high hardness

SOLUTION: Make a backwash of the filter. Add 1 L of CTX-41 FLOCCULANT per 100 m3 of water. Analyse the pH and adjust it between 7,2 and 7,6. Add 15g of CTX-200 / GR CLORSHOCK per m3 of water. If the problem is the hardness, add CTX-605 MINORATOR OF CALCIUM HARDNESS.


PROBLEM: Green water

CAUSE: Algae growth, low alkalinity (emerald green)

SOLUTION: Carry out a shock chlorination with 15g of CTX-200 / GR CLORSCK per m3 of water. Add 3.5 l of CTX-530 ULTRA ALGASTOP water per 100m3. Adjust the pH. Add CTX-21 ENHANCER OF ALKALINITY (125-150 ppm).


PROBLEM: Brownish water

CAUSE: Presence of iron and magnesium

SOLUTION: Adjust the pH between 7.2 and 7.6, Add 15g CTX-200 / GR CLORSHOCK per m3 of water. Then add 1 l of CTX-41 FLOCCULANT per 100m3 of water, wait 8 hours and collect the sediment that were on the pool bottom. Add CTX-604 IRON SCAVENGER so that does not happen again (the pH should be between 6.8 to 6.9).


PROBLEM: Stains on the walls of the pool

CAUSE: Presence of metal ions

SOLUTION: Empty the pool and remove stains with CTX-51 DESCALER OF SURFACES EXTRA.


PROBLEM: Fouling in the water

CAUSE: Precipitation of calcium salts

SOLUTION: Adjust the pH with CTX-10 pH- or CTX-20 + ph between 7.2 and 7.6. CTX-700 Add ANTI-LIMESTONE EXTRA once a week.


PROBLEM: Eye and skin irritation

CAUSE: maladjusted pH

SOLUTION: Analyse the pH and adjust it with the CTX-10 pH- or CTX-20 pH between 7.2 and 7.6


PROBLEM: Bad smells

CAUSE: Excess of organic waste

SOLUTION: Perform a chlorination with 15g of CTX-200 / GR CLORSHOCK per m3 of water.




Magnapool is a magnesium-based system that will revolutionize the treatment of water.

Crystal clear water with an unparalleled softness.



The Magnapool system combines two natural minerals, magnesium and potassium, to disinfect the pool water providing the user with an unmatched bathing experience.

This water treatment solution converts in a natural way magnesium minerals into magnesium hydroxide, a soft and delicate element that acts as a clarifying agent in order to retain any impurities present in the water, even the finest. Without these impurities bacteria do not grow in the water and are eliminated from the pool.


The Hidroxinator Magnapool generates, then, a chlorine that is not synthetic (or inorganic): This is the beginning of hidroxination. The chlorine that is produced without help of chemicals, fully protects water quality without harming the environment.

Salt Devices




The time has come to treat the water in your pool in a healthier way...



in ZODIAC salt devices ...

Enjoy now...

Vortex 3 4WD Vacuum







  • VORTEX Technology - Powerful and constant cyclonic suction.
  • Easily avoids obstacles in the pool.
  • Perfect adherence to all coatings.
  • Great movement and cleaning coverage.
  • High-capacity filter and easy access.
  • Quick and hygienic maintenance of the filter without contact with dirt.
  • Equipped with 3D sensor that allows automatic adjustment of the vacuum trajectory.
  • Equipped with a lightweight trolley, very robust (assembly without tools). 



Pool Products - CTX



Extend the bathing season.

Save water and cleaning products.

Throughout the day, the sunlight raises the temperature of the water. Placing the covering on the surface of the water after the bath (smooth side facing upwards) maintains the temperature acquired throughout the day and also avoids the evaporation of water. It also protects the pool of dirt and decreases the consumption of treatment products.



- When using chemicals, always read the label and follow the instructions.

- Do not mix products among themselves.

- By adding products to the pool water, first add a product and then the other, to avoid possible reactions between them.

- When diluting a product, never add water to the product. Apply it directly to the pool water or in dosing and skimmers.

- Keep containers closed in a dry place, protected from heat and out of reach of children.

- In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and go to a doctor.

- Avoid the contact of pool products with other type of chemicals.


Environment Lighting - GAMA LUMI


Floating Lanterns


These fun inflatable light cubes will illuminate your pool in an unique way. Each cube is easily inflatable.

PVC soft material . Size H 13 cm x L 13 cm


You can use these lights as wreaths floating in the pool or spa, or use them as lanterns around your pool and garden.


They are ideal for a romantic setting, a party or a night dive!


Each light module adapts to the different ambient lights we show you. This facilitates the acquisition of light modules, which will serve all the lights!

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